New Fall/WInter stock just came in today

New Fall/WInter stock just came in today! Keep your eye out for our San Diego Hat Co. arrivals! #fashion #hats #Fallstyle


Bringing Back the Hat

I was just watching an old movie the other day and in every scene, every actor wore a hat, man or woman. The world would be a classier place if this was still true. I find it so sad that in today’s fast paced world people can’t find the time to throw on a hat. Sometimes it’s quicker then putting on those tricky necklace clasps.
Hats are a completely underrated accessory, really more of a staple in my mind. They have so many advantages. Having a bad hair day? Looking for something to complete an outfit? Want to hide from the sun? Haven’t gotten your roots done? I could go on.
I have more trouble finding a pair of sunglasses that look good on me, because not everyone should be wearing those giant bug glasses ladies! In all honesty, there is a hat for everyone, all face shapes, hair lengths, glasses or not, thick or this.
A hat gives you confidence. It ties together an outfit. It makes you look taller. It can frame your face with the right brim, or hide your face (if you had a little too much the night before). Or make your eyes sparkle if you choose the right shade.
One day I was in the city wearing my leopard skin pillbox hat and the wind blew it right off. Before I knew what was happening, there were three men chasing down the street after it. Yup, guys love them too. So pull yourselves and your outfits, together and put on a hat!

That Hat Girl

Why Spend so Much on a Designer Hat?

Well I’ll tell you why! You have to really look at what you are buying. I have seen some designer hats that cost a pretty penny wholesale that weren’t worth a dime. But most times you are paying for the quality of the product. A designer hat is a good investment. Think of the latest designer handbag that costs $400 and up. Give it one season and people will be staring at you sideways. Those fancy sunglasses people collect and spend so much on, they get dropped on the floor, scratched, constantly lost. Jewelry trends too are in one day and out the next.
A hat is timeless. Many of the styles worn today are reminiscent of those in the past. These styles never leave, they are here season after season, yet always with a new twist, new trim, new fabrics. A good hat will surpass your lifetime. Its structure and design will always be appreciated. They are different and unique, unexpected even. A good hat will bring new life to any outfit. If you put on a great hat with a boring outfit, that outfit doesn’t look so bland anymore. When walking down the street in a hat you can guarantee that it is the first thing to be noticed by onlookers.
A designer hat, often handmade, comes from the finest materials. Velour felt, beaver felt, horsehair, oh-so soft parisiol straw, silk and satins. These fabrics are hand picked by the designer. Their sketches are artistic drawings that come to life thru their vision. That hat on your head started as an idea, a sketch, a scrap of material, formed and shaped into that beautiful thing you wear now.
Designers are people too. They have often times spent truck loads on an education to perfect their craft. Their pieces are not massed produced in a far off country. They are created one by one, in small quantities to fulfill demands. It is not easy to convince the masses that they should be wearing hats, although they should. To get this message across they depend on their ability to create a work of art. They can not afford to constantly produce expensive wears from low end materials. Their job is to create these unique items, it is their living and their love. We should support local designers, artists, and creators instead of the massed produced merchandise that smells funny and falls apart in one season.
Next time you pass a millinery shop, if you can even find one, stop and appreciate the fact that there are still those out there trying to keep an old tradition alive. Take a step in and feel the velour felt, the horsehair straw, and hand sewn trim. Know that each stitch was created for the buyer in mind, to induce a satisfaction in their purchase and confidence in their step as they stroll down the street in their new chapeaux.

Derby Hats

The US Triple Crown and Breeders’ Cup World Championships are wonderful events that carry allong the millinery importance of the 19th century. Long standing traditions of oversized elaborate hats bring an element of feminine fancy. Best known for wide brims with elaborate adornments, the general Derby fashion is never too over the top, and the more the merrier.
Triple Crown events consist of three races. Starting with the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. After a two week long Kentucky Derby Festival, it lands on the first Saturday in May. This 1 1/4 mile long race is considered “The most exciting two minutes in sports”. Also known as “The Run for the Roses” after the blanket of roses draped over the back of the winner, you will see many rose colored tones in the fashion choices of women attendees.
The Kentucky Derby is the highlight of Derby Fashion. Here you will find the tallest, widest, most colorful and lavishly adorned hats and head pieces. Anything goes at the Kentucky Derby. Color choices vary from shades of pink and red to teal, yellow, or polka dots. Often times the choice adornments and trims include feathers gallor, rbbons, and bows.
Another popular hatting event is the Kentucky Oaks, also at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. This event is held the Friday bfore the Kentucky Derby. The winner receives $600,000, a silver Kentucky Oaks trophy, and a blanket of lillies or “Lillies for the Fillies”. This being the races signature flower, you will find many shades of pink in the women’s millinery embellished with Lilly flowers.
If you are off to the races, be sure and prepare with a well adorned selection of hats. These often overlooked accessories are taken very seriously at these premier events and you could never show a repeat at any two races. HATagories would like to be your hat destination for these and any event where you feel the need to add that special touch that will make you stand apart from the crowd. We carry the best designers in Derby Fashion such as the ever popular Christine A. Moore. This New York designer is famous for her Derby inspired collections season after season. Ms. Moore started as a costume designer on Broadway in Manhattan so she certainly has a flare for the dramatic. Louise Green is another to inspire. Her designs stem from the vintage style of the early 1900’s and are beautifully adorned with a precise feminine touch, adding silk flowers and bows, velvet trims and tulle.
Please feel free to call our expert staff with any questions you may have when preparing for the Derby. You can reach us at 1-866-644-1255, and visit our website to see our abundant collection of great designer hats!