Bringing Back the Hat

I was just watching an old movie the other day and in every scene, every actor wore a hat, man or woman. The world would be a classier place if this was still true. I find it so sad that in today’s fast paced world people can’t find the time to throw on a hat. Sometimes it’s quicker then putting on those tricky necklace clasps.
Hats are a completely underrated accessory, really more of a staple in my mind. They have so many advantages. Having a bad hair day? Looking for something to complete an outfit? Want to hide from the sun? Haven’t gotten your roots done? I could go on.
I have more trouble finding a pair of sunglasses that look good on me, because not everyone should be wearing those giant bug glasses ladies! In all honesty, there is a hat for everyone, all face shapes, hair lengths, glasses or not, thick or this.
A hat gives you confidence. It ties together an outfit. It makes you look taller. It can frame your face with the right brim, or hide your face (if you had a little too much the night before). Or make your eyes sparkle if you choose the right shade.
One day I was in the city wearing my leopard skin pillbox hat and the wind blew it right off. Before I knew what was happening, there were three men chasing down the street after it. Yup, guys love them too. So pull yourselves and your outfits, together and put on a hat!

That Hat Girl


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