Why Spend so Much on a Designer Hat?

Well I’ll tell you why! You have to really look at what you are buying. I have seen some designer hats that cost a pretty penny wholesale that weren’t worth a dime. But most times you are paying for the quality of the product. A designer hat is a good investment. Think of the latest designer handbag that costs $400 and up. Give it one season and people will be staring at you sideways. Those fancy sunglasses people collect and spend so much on, they get dropped on the floor, scratched, constantly lost. Jewelry trends too are in one day and out the next.
A hat is timeless. Many of the styles worn today are reminiscent of those in the past. These styles never leave, they are here season after season, yet always with a new twist, new trim, new fabrics. A good hat will surpass your lifetime. Its structure and design will always be appreciated. They are different and unique, unexpected even. A good hat will bring new life to any outfit. If you put on a great hat with a boring outfit, that outfit doesn’t look so bland anymore. When walking down the street in a hat you can guarantee that it is the first thing to be noticed by onlookers.
A designer hat, often handmade, comes from the finest materials. Velour felt, beaver felt, horsehair, oh-so soft parisiol straw, silk and satins. These fabrics are hand picked by the designer. Their sketches are artistic drawings that come to life thru their vision. That hat on your head started as an idea, a sketch, a scrap of material, formed and shaped into that beautiful thing you wear now.
Designers are people too. They have often times spent truck loads on an education to perfect their craft. Their pieces are not massed produced in a far off country. They are created one by one, in small quantities to fulfill demands. It is not easy to convince the masses that they should be wearing hats, although they should. To get this message across they depend on their ability to create a work of art. They can not afford to constantly produce expensive wears from low end materials. Their job is to create these unique items, it is their living and their love. We should support local designers, artists, and creators instead of the massed produced merchandise that smells funny and falls apart in one season.
Next time you pass a millinery shop, if you can even find one, stop and appreciate the fact that there are still those out there trying to keep an old tradition alive. Take a step in and feel the velour felt, the horsehair straw, and hand sewn trim. Know that each stitch was created for the buyer in mind, to induce a satisfaction in their purchase and confidence in their step as they stroll down the street in their new chapeaux.


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